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Build a strong foundation • Connect with your customers • Grow your business

• Build a strong foundation
• Connect with your customers
• Grow your business
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Nino built us a brand new website. He went from making the initial concept in a few days, to going live with 2,500 products in under a month. To top it off our customers loved the new site, and sales rose an incredible 350% in the first month 👍
Paul Harfoot, Owner of Sprocket & Gear

Is your online store underperforming?

Your website desperately needs updating.
Users experience frustration navigating your store.
You're struggling to get customers all the way to checkout.
Your average order value is stubbornly low.
You get too many customer emails before they've even made a purchase.
You have little repeat custom.

Hi, I'm Nino.

When I started working at Sprocket & Gear the website was having a hard time making any money. Customers were struggling to find us, the site was hard to use, visitors didn't hang around, the product pages weren't clear, and the whole thing felt like it was built on a bed of sand. Would-be customers didn't trust it.

I set to work overhauling the whole thing. Armed with stronger technology, and a new ecommerce and marketing strategy, the website's revenue grew 350% in the first month alone.

With incremental improvements over the course of one year, the revenue increased by a not-too-shabby 4,000% - well into the six-figure range. Delightful.

I've now left the wonderful team at S&G to set up on my own. I want to help you with your e-commerce efforts. I'll work with you to diagnose the problem(s) and put a strategy in place to firm up your technology, get customers to trust you, increase sales, and grow your business.

As well as my ecommerce experience I've worked in marketing for a long time. I learned to code at Flatiron School in NYC, and I have a seemingly unique position amongst my peers in that I don't automatically assume that everyone needs a brand new website. If you do; I'll tell you. If not; we'll work with your existing site.

So, how can I help?
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The plan.

Get in touch.
Work together to fix or create your store.
Increase sales. Sleep better at night.

What is your website costing you?

You've got great products, but sales just aren't what you'd hope. You've identified tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds in missed opportunity. You're not making the impact you want.

It costs you a fortune in time and money dealing with questions from customers that have an obvious answer.

Maybe your site gets plenty of visitors and they even hang around on the site for a while, but they don't buy!

You've tried hard to work out what the problem might be, but you find the process is a little like trying to read the label of the bottle from inside. You need an objective outsider to assist.

The good news is that I've been here before. I can take your poor-performing or old and cranky website and turn it into an asset that makes you money, costs you less in time and energy to maintain, and helps you to capitalise on the boom the industry finds itself in at the moment.

I can show you how to eliminate a good chunk of those pesky customer emails. I can get more of your site visitors to part with their hard-earned cash for your products. And I can show you how to get them to shop with you again in the future.

It all starts with a simple email.
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